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Our Founders

Beads of Transformation, a non-profit organisation, was seeded by the Habika Trust. Habika’s mandate is to contribute to the respect, honor and dignity of the People of Africa and Developing Countries. Habika is premised on consciousness through serving humanity, the ecology and the universe.

Our Journey
Beads of Transformation

Our founding trustees are Ms. Phuti Tsukudu and Ms. Hawa Bibi Khan. They have travelled a 14-year Consciousness Journey together that has reshaped who they are, their passions, values and highest purpose.

Their journey was about reflection and their transformation on how best to BE and to BE of service to humanity, the ecology and the universe. Parallelly, the overwhelming challenges of our time calls for a shift to a new way of Leading & Serving. This has culminated in the creation of a Being & Living Consciousness movement expressed through Beads of Transformation (Beads).

Beads is focused on serving Women, Young Persons and Leaders. The Being & Living Consciousness mandate of Beads focuses on:
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All our activities are underpinned by healing and transformation, ecological and environment consciousness, innovation, creativity, technology and cutting-edge 4IR tools.

Our Highest Truth & Purpose

Our Founding Trustees

Our founding trustees Ms. Phuti Tsukudu and Ms. Hawa Bibi Khan have collectively 7 decades of an established track record locally & internationally. This is in service in business & business leadership, socially responsible investing, organizational development; transformation, community development, social entrepreneurship, working with young people, political consciousness, conscious development & personal mastery. They have extensive experience in working with stakeholders and decisionmakers across strata of society.

Beads of Transformation Phuti

Chairperson: Phuti Tsukudu

Ms. Phuti Tsukudu is a 21st century wise African Women Elder.

She has led, served and been a custodian of several diversified institutions. She has a solid track record of leading and serving on many NGO boards prior to 1994. Experience that served her well in her role on boards of listed private sector companies and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Among some of her directorships are Old Mutual Insure, Afrimat Ltd, Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa Ltd, Cape Town Film Studios, SA Post Office, SA Civil Aviation Authority, Desmond Tutu Trust.

She has experience in sectors ranging from education, mining, financial services, logistics, media, construction, international and local development organisations, government departments, and advisory services.

She is the founder of Tsukudu Associates now Lahela Consulting.

The regions she has exposure and consulted in are SADC, East Africa, West Africa, South America, UK and USA.

She is a leader in transforming and building values-driven organisational cultures, building conscious values-driven leaders, youth leadership development, diversity consciousness, anti-racism & anti-sexism.

She has walked alongside leaders, supporting them in their organisational transformation journeys.

She has made contributions in the building of sustainable communities and strategic stakeholder management.

Her passion and commitment lie in supporting leaders and young people in awakening to their true essence, passion and highest purpose.

She has a deep commitment to people transformation, making a difference for future generations.

She is deeply rooted in Africa and committed to the restoration of honour, dignity and respect for Mother Africa and her children.

Holistic Beingness is the centre of her philosophy. Her mantra is for people to live their truth and to honour their highest values while honouring others and Mother Earth.

beads of transformation hawa

Hawa Bibi Khan

Hawa Bibi Khan is a universal consciousness being dedicated to service and transforming values and existing models of business and partnerships.

She is a pioneer and leader in the alternative investments, consciousness capital, international partnerships & facilitation and humanitarian & development arena.

Hawa is the Founder of the Habika Trust, Merit Group of Companies and Ametrine.

Hawa trained as a chartered accountant and private equity fund manager. She is part of the first generation of Black and Women Investment professionals in the post-apartheid South Africa. She established her reputation in deal conceptualisation, origination & value creation; M&A activities; post investment value creation; development & social responsibility investment funds space that is focused on quantum shifting Africa away from its colonial history.

Hawa is passionate about deepening international partnerships in the Africa, Turkey and Asia region, which she believes are critical players in a new consciousness civilization.

She is a governing council member of the Nelson Mandela University, higher panel steering committee member of President Kgalema Motlanthe’s Inclusive Growth Forum, Fellow of University of Johannesburg’s Centre for China Africa Studies, former member of BRICS Financial Services Working Group and advisor to the Yunus Emre Institute Johnnesburg.

Hawa is a student of Eyup Al Ansari, Rumi, Ibn Sina, Confucius, Nelson Mandela, Ali Mazrui, APJ Kalam, Yunus Mohammed, Mother Theresa and Thich Nhat Hahn. Her work entails the integration of all the values and principles that her Teachers embody. She uses this as inspiration to drive new forms of sustainable partnerships with new instruments to contribute to a civilization that is based on service, humanity and consciousness.

Hawa is equally passionate about integrating body, mind, heart and soul with intellect consciousness in the business and personal world of Leaders to serve the Oneness of Humanity.

Beads of Transformation

Our Funders

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