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OUR Service Model

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OUR Service Model

conscious custodianship


A new leadership paradigm with a new worldview.
WHAT it requires to lead with consciousness.

  • Heart-centred
  • Values and purpose based
  • With truth, love, presence, mindfulness and deeply self-aware
  • Interconnectedness with all life forms


An experiential and empowering “OUMA “process of healing embedding a new consciousness:

  • Encouraging- Ownership, Understanding, Motivation and Action.
  • Ignites a journey of healing
  • Embedding diversity consciousness.
  • Celebrating diversity to build a cohesive nation.


A conscious personal journey of inner growth and evolution.

  • Expanded ways of knowing and connecting to Self
  • Awaken to true essence and purpose
  • Transforming to unlock paths to Personal Mastery and destiny
conscious development and partnerships


A holistic, inclusive and collaborative developmental model.

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Communities as co-creative partners for sustainability
  • Sustainable driven economy-Green and Ecology


  • Facilitating smart partnerships for communities, educational institutions and strategic NGOs.
  • Expanding scope & reach of strategic programmes in more communities.
  • Partnerships with NGOs for expansion of services offerings.
beads circles


  • A place for healing, togetherness, connectedness and mutual sharing.
  • Igniting the power of collective intention.
  • Holding space for self, each other and the universe.

Our Beads Women Circle of Healing focuses on the following:

It will BE Beads privilege and honour to come into a circle with YOU – and for Beads  to learn, to share and discover from YOU.


Women, Youth & Leaders

Beads of Transformation is focused on those who are custodians of society for the present and the future.

We choose to serve Women, Youth and Leaders. Women and Youth are the most vulnerable and marginalized in our society. The success of any society is measured by how it treats women, youth and children. Leaders shape societal values and are responsible for its wellbeing.

Beads rationale for who we serve:

Women are the backbone of any society.

They represent the feminine principle which needs healing and support in both men and women for society to operate harmoniously and with balance. Beads supports women to ignite and nurture the innate qualities so they can reclaim their rightful place in society in all spheres

Youth are the custodians of the future and sustainability thereof.

However, the current visible role models for the youth

All of these result in the Youth alienation from the Self, the Society and poses a risk for the future. Beads together with strategic partners are focused on supporting the youth that will raise their consciousness to their potential unique Self and ignite their limitless nature.

Leaders are the custodians of the wellbeing of society.

Currently, we are facing a crisis of leadership in our society and globally. There seems to be a lack of understanding of their responsibilities as custodians. Resulting in the disconnect in the wellbeing and service to citizens. This crisis is both a challenge and a gift, for out of it needs to emerge a new leadership paradigm.


The essence and fabric of everything at Beads is premised on

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Healing, Human Consciousness and Value

The Being is at the core of every programme, initiative and partnership that we establish.

Ecological Consciousness and Sustainability

There has been a sustained disconnect and imbalance in the co-existence of human connectivity with the ecology and environment. This resulted in disconnect from Self. Reclaiming of Self and the sustainability of Mother Earth and her offspring is key.

Innovation Creativity and Technology

Using cutting edge 21st century technology & tools, Innovation and Creativity is at the centre. This is to quantum leap addressing historical fracture to the fabric of the society, drive social change, build a conscious society and achieve transformation.


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